Sunday, July 2, 2017

Shadowhunter Sunday - (Thoughts on) The Fair Folk

So as I write this post I am watching the episode. So this is my first thoughts as I go. It's kinda like those live reaction videos you see on YouTube but in blog form. Hope you enjoy!

Cue the theme song: 

So Jace is still talking about Maia... I know some people on Twitter want her and Jace as endgame but I am not one of them. I don't want my ships messed up, even if Clary and Jace have no chemistry.  Seriously though, some people are getting all fired up about Jace and Maia... what side of this are you on?

They have to go to the Seelies... I so wonder if this might be the scene from the book where Jace and Clary have to kiss... God, I hope so! That would be so freaking awesome. My little heart would just explode in happiness. I swear. 

I just want Magnus and Alec to be happy. There is always so much tension in their relationship. It makes me sad but it does make for great drama. 

"You think I'm pretty." I swear Simon always has the best lines in every episode. He's just so awesome. I love him so much.

Sebastian talks a lot of sense in the past episodes, I like him. Also I really like how Izzy threw him on his back. Good stuff. Izzy is just so freaking awesome and hot. Have I ever said how hot she is? Well, she is.

Ollie... I still want to know what is up with her. Something is so fishy. 

The shade Luke threw at Maryse. Loved it.

I love how Alec is trying to hard to work with the Downworlders. I love that he cares enough to do that. I just don't think it's going to work.

Also... I fear Luke is going to get himself into trouble. I hope Luke doesn't die, I love too much. 

Sebastian and Raphael's little thing over Izzy. Yeah I can see why they might fight over her. She's pretty perfect and it makes way more sense than Edward and Jacob fighting over bland Bella. Just saying. 


I feel so so bad for Simon. I love him so much, even more so in this show and while I am happy they did a scene from the book and happy that Clary and Jace might move forward... it breaks my heart for Simon.

Izzy told her mum.... They finally got to talk and I'm so happy that they were able to just bond. It was a very sweet moment. 

So Alec and Sebastian stopped Luke from killing Valentine. Also Sebastian is now alone with Valentine... 

Raphael listened to Sebastian... no. He clearly likes Izzy. He really cares for her. I wonder if this is ti set up some Sizzy...


Aw, now Izzy and Clary can talk to each other and bond more. I miss scenes with them so much. I think they work well off each other. 

And it's official, Sebastian is a freak. 

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