Friday, August 25, 2017

50/50 Friday - Book You Enjoyed with the Most/Least Page Count

This meme is hosted here and over at Blue Eye Books.

What is 50/50 Friday? 
Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read.

Topic for the Week
Book You Enjoyed with the Most/Least Page Count 

So I had to do some digging for this one and I'm not even sure if these are 100% right but these are the ones that I found so here we go! I also decided to limit it to just this year and not of all time. It was easier for me.

Most Pages 
A Court of Wings and Ruin
Page Count: 699

Least Pages
Leo Tops Aries
Page Count: 27

Topic for Next Week
Best/Worst Book Read in August