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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday's Discussion: Cover Changes

Cover Changes

Yay or Nay? 

Cover Changes are something that we are used to by now. They happen, even when we hate it. We may not like the new covers or we may love them. What really gets us though is the mismatching covers. I hate when my covers don't match. It drives me insane and even if I love the series, I will hide that book in my closet with the books that I don't like as much. 

Now let's jump into the new Ember in the Ashes covers. I know a lot of people just don't like them because they think that they look cartoonish or that people on the cover is so overdone. They love the original covers and are now upset that it won't match. 

I actually like the new covers and I know the reason they changed them was to give more POC book colors. Representation. Which is a good thing for people who want to see people like them on book covers. I personally love the new covers and my God, Laia is stunning! Also her hair is just goals. I want long flowing hair like that. 

But putting aside the fact that I do in fact love these new covers. They won't be printed in hardcover and I really don't like paperbacks as they aren't as durable. Also I sold my signed copy of a Torch Against the Night just so I could have matching covers. This also means I will be late reading A Reaper at the Gates because my book format must match. I will now have them all in paperback. 

So I get why people hate cover changes. Some are just horrible. Like for the Lux series, I hated those cover changes. Just ugh. What were they thinking with those? 

Then there are the ones like An Ember in the Ashes and I love those cover changes. It just sucks to have to go out and buy the books (again) for matching covers. 

So my question is this: do you care about matching covers? What do you think of the new An Ember in the Ashes covers? 


  1. I do care about cover changes when I have bought half the series. I did have that problem recently, where I had the old covers and they didn't sell them like that anymore for the newer books.. I'm not planning to buy the new covers (since that would mean replacing 4 books), would probably only do that if the series really was one of my favorites..

    Also; if a cover goes from ugly to beautiful... I can understand, but they shouldn't stop making the other covers, because my OCD-Bookshelf thingy can't handle it! COVERS.NEED.TO.BE.THE.SAME

  2. It's like you said, I'm more upset about my covers not matching in format. But I get over it. Granted, I think these new covers are pretty awesome. And the need of POC representation with covers is necessary. I mean, there are tons of covers with white people, so why not redo for POC? Makes sense to me. But yeah, it sucks that I can't have all HCs now. I really wish publishers would release the new covers in both HC and PB. That way the reader can choose their path and we're only 2 books in so it's not that big of deal. They went back to release the new cover of Throne of Glass in this way, so why not now here too?

    With the Lux cover change I was more aggravated by the fact that they waited to do this change at THE LAST BOOK! I mean really?! That's just plain cruel! And insane! I was ecstatic when they went back earlier this year or late last year and re-released Opposition with the same cover look!

    I remember there was the same enragement (yes, I'm making that a word! Lol!!) going on when they wanted to change the cover of The Winner's Curse trilogy at the final book. Doing THAT is just seriously plain CRUEL! I can't even remember why they felt the need to make a change. I thought I heard it was something about the heroine not looking very kickbutt in her gown, but then HELLO! They put her in a less fancy dress on the second cover! So I can't say with 100% positivity that that had been the reason for the change. I was just glad that they relented to keeping the HC as is with the original art! That was one save at least! And again with the Lux books too!

    Great post!

  3. So, do you know if they a re keeping the same style of cover for the hardback editions? I have the first two in hardcover, and I too don't really care for paperback (they are also shorter which is a different thing that bothers me)

    I don't personally care if a book gets a cover change, I would just prefer them to wait until the series is finished, THEN change the covers. Kind of like how TMI, and TID did it.

  4. While I like the original covers for "An Ember in the Ashes", the new ones aren`t that bad. I mean, I`ve seen worst. I don`t really understand the need for new covers though. Especially when the original covers look great. I mean yeah, if it`s an anniversary edition, by all means, bring new covers. But otherwise, it`s pointless.

    Carmen / Carmen`s Reading Corner

    1. According to her twitter, it's about representation.

  5. I'm generally frustrated by mid-series cover changes, but I appreciated the thought behind the Ember cover change. POC representation is more important than matching covers (though it would be nice if they would offer the new covers in hardcover too).

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction