Tuesday, September 5, 2017

6 Books Everyone Loves that I Don't

We all have those books that everyone loves and raves about and then there is us... sitting off in the corner all alone wondering what the heck all the hype is about. Wondering if we got a different book from everyone else because we just don't like it... 

(Now I'm not bashing any of these books. I just didn't really like them. Everyone has different tastes and if one of these is your favorite book in the world. Good! I'm glad you love it. It take all kinds to make the world go round.)

Well here are those books for me....

6) Red Queen
I read this book and I didn't hate it. I just don't get the hype. It felt like a bend there and done that kind of book. To me, nothing was new. I have no desire to ever pick up the others.

5) When Dimple Met Rishi
So even though I know that if certain people read this I will be called racist, I'm going to freaking say it anyway. I didn't like Dimple. There I said it. The only thing I liked about her was how she was going hard for her dreams. I disliked everything else about her and I really thought that the sweetheart that is Rishi deserved someone much better. 

4) Wintersong
So I don't usually hate books. I just don't like them and that's the end of it. Not this book, I hated it. Not one good thing to say about it besides the cover is freaking stunning AF! 

3) Fifty Shades of Grey
(No review, I've never actually finished this novel after trying three times)
So either everyone loves this books or just thinks it way overrated. I'm the later. 

2) Ruin and Rising 
I don't hate this book... I gave it 3 stars but I just don't like the ending... it could have been so much better. 

1) Blood Rose Rebellion
Now this is that book that I can see why people like it. I just personally didn't.