Wednesday, October 11, 2017

8 Ways to Deal with the End of a Series

It's happened to all of us, we are reading a series. It can take years for this series to be completed and we've invested so much our of life into this amazing series. When it finally ends... it's a like a piece of your heart is ripped out and now it's hard to even go on. How will we live when we have no more books in that series to look forward to each yeah? 

Here are some tips to help you get past that mourning period, after crying your eyes out and eating all the ice cream you can, of course.

I've actually done some of these things before, so while at times in my wording it may seem like a joke, it doesn't have to be. If one of these things help when you finish a great series that's awesome. If not, hope you got a laugh.

1) Reread the whole series
Now this one sounds perfectly reasonable right? Once you finish, you just grab book one again and there you go! In a way, you'll never really leave the world. 

2) Fanart
If you are great at drawing or creating things on a computer, this can help ease the pain, creating wonderful art to look at and share with everyone else mourning the ending to the series. 

3) Join a Facebook group
You're not the only one that is sad to see the series end so find a group and then talk/fangirl/mourn with other lover's of that series. It really will help knowing you're not alone and having someone to share the pain with. 

4) FanFiction
Yep. Why let the series end when you can keep it going yourself!? Besides, there are some great fanfiction writers out there, I'm told. 

5) Move onto another series by the same author
Want something kind of like what you just finished? Then bam! Hopefully the author has written other books that you can dive into and at least still have the same feel as the last series.

6) Leave reading alone for a few days and watch some Netflix instead
I've done this. After I finished my favorite series, I didn't want to read anything else. I felt nothing could compare so why bother? (I was young and overly dramatic) It really did help though and within the week I'd started another series. 

7) Blog/Vlog about the series
Another thing that can help is just to just get all your feelings about the book into a video or on a blog post. Plus, another people can comment and you can fangirl/fanboy together. 

8) Quit reading altogether 
I mean nothing will ever top the last series right? So just give up reading and find another hobby/passion. Just kidding, this one is never the answer. Also this was meant as a complete joke but the others might actually help. 

So let me know if any of these have helped you when a great series has ended or what other ways that you have coped.