Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kellie's Diary - Review

A series of diary entries through the eyes of a little girl as she tries to survive the end of the world.

What if the early 1990's didn't happen as we remember it? What kind of world would we live in today?

This story is told from the viewpoint of 9-year-old Kellie, a typical third-grade girl living her life as anyone else would, and she shares her daily activities with her diary. When the world crumbles and the dead walk, Kellie struggles to survive and find her way home, all the while sharing her tale with her diary.

This is an account of our hypothetical past, present and future.

Book Breakdown 

So it sounded really good and it was free so I decided to give it a shot. It wasn't bad... just boring. I saw that some people were saying that they hated how Kellie was just scared all the time but I got that, she's just a little girl. She's actually doing really well for a little girl but where it was a diary, we miss all the good parts... if that makes any sense. 

I do think it was cool that you could read this book like it was her real diary, it had pages filled with actual handwriting but I chose the normal format as it was easier on my eyes. Overall, nothing much really happened other than she made it home. It wasn't even scary, which was the reason I wanted to read it.