Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things You Should NEVER Say to a Bookworm

I'm sure that you have heard at least one of these things. I've heard them all, I actually got the idea last week when my boss saw a book in my purse when I arrived for work and asked me:

9) "Why waste time reading the book when you can watch the movie?"

8) I don't like JK Rowling and think HP is overrated. 

7) You could be doing much better things with your time.

6) You can't call yourself a read unless you read ____ 

5) Aren't you too old to be reading that MG/YA title? 

4) You know it's a fictional character, right?

3) Don't you have enough books? You don't need to buy more. 

2) I read too but I read better books, like the classics and more substantial books. Things that make me smarter.  

1) You really need a new hobby. 

Have you heard any of these or something else I've missed? Let me know below the things you've been told for loving the books you do. Also, don't ever let someone make you feel guilty for what you love.... unless you like something illegal, then I would stop but besides that, don't ever stop reading what you love.