Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Top Ten Scary/Creepy Movies to Watch in October

Halloween is coming and everyone knows what that means... we want to be scared! Bring on the scary movies and the fall weather, candy, and even those painted black skulls hanging off silvery chains! Wait, is that last one just me? Sorry... 

Where is a good place to start when it comes to scary movies? Well, look no further! I got you covered in this post!

10) Hocus Pocus
I mean come on! This is a great one! Even more so if you have young ones around and don't want them sleeping in your bed because they are scared to death. Also it's a classic! 

9) IT
The new remake is getting so many great reviews that it sounds like the perfect thing to see during Halloween. Also seeing a scary movie in theater just makes it that much worse (in a good way) when you're in the dark with surround sound. 

8) The Blair Witch Project
So I believe this was the first found footage movie. It was the best and set the bar for any other ones that followed after it and in my opinion, none of the others really captured what this one did. 

7) The Babadook
I loved this one! Thought it was well done and it does have some perfectly creepy moments that had me close to hiding under the covers. 

6) The Conjuring 
This is one of my favorites! So great and creepy and had some awesome parts that had me jumping and freaking out.

5) The Ring
This was one of the first horror films I ever watched. It scared me so much that I ended up sleeping in my parents room on the sofa. I was too scared to sleep alone. I thought I was going to die in 7 days. 

4) The Witch
Creepy, freaky, and I loved it!

3) Insidious
This is one of my all time favorite scary movies, I know a lot of people say it's not the best but it's so great to me and very scary.

2) Poltergeist 
This is a classic! I remember watching this with my father when I was younger and it is so well done and perfectly frightful.

1) The Exorcist 
This one has to be on the list. It's been called the scariest movie of all time. My dad said when he saw it in theater he even got scared and he never gets scared. My mother only watched part of it and had to leave the room. It even scared my partner and he's like my dad. Movies don't scare him. IF you have never seen this one, do it. Just leave the lights on.