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Friday, November 10, 2017

50/50 Friday - Favorite/Least Favorite Movie Tie-In Cover

50/50 Friday is a weekly meme hosted by me and Laura from Blue Eye Books.

So most every bookworm I've ever known doesn't like movie-tie covers. We all prefer the original covers but I finally found one TV show tie-in cover that I liked more than the original and that's what lead to this topic. 

 13 Reasons Why

TV Tie-In

I think the Netflix cover just makes more sense. Yes, I know the swing/playground is kind of all where it started for Hannah but the story deals with Clay listening to her tapes... so I just think the cover with him wearing headphones listening and her in the background all foggy because he can't reach her anymore. 

Least Favorite
TV Show Cover
New Moon Movie Cover
Insert any other Movie/TV tie-in cover here. Though If I have to chose, I have two that really just hurt my eyes. 

Both of these are just ugly to me. New Moon looks like some kind of erotica novel. Also I just dislike the actor and actress for Jace and Clary in the TV show that it bothers me and looks cheap with the design. 

Topic for Next Week
Book You Were Early/Late to the Party in Reading


  1. Both times with the adaptation for TMI, the only casting they got 100% right was for Simon. I mean, Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus in the show is fantastic, as well. I don't like the actress playing Clary because I think she's too tall. (Petty reason perhaps). I recall Clary being described as "short" and that actress is 5'5". That is not short, that is actually above average height. I thought Clary was closer to my height (5'0") The actor for Jace in the show is... fine. I like him better than the actor for the movie, but still not exactly right.

    1. I agree Simon was the only one they really got right. And I definitely prefer tv Magnus to movie actor and Jace as well.

    2. Simon they did nail down perfectly and I do happen to like Harry Shum Jr for Magnus too. Yeah, Clary should be shorter and in my mind, I saw her with more of a red colored hair, not something boarding on orange-red.

  2. Yeah I don't like the New Moon or City of Bones tie-in covers either.... I especially dislike the City of Bones one. And I think Edward's face in the moon looks really strange!

    1. Edward looks like such a creeper with his face in the moon like that! It honestly freaks me out a little lol

  3. I love the 13 Reasons Why cover too (and also I have yet to watch the Netflix series and it's eating at me!). It's so much more representative of the story; I love that they put Hannah's sort of face shadow behind Clay's.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. You've not watched the series?! When you get a free moment, I highly recommend it! One of the best shows I've seen all year!