Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How My Reading Has Changed Since Blogging (Good & Bad)

I've been blogging since 2014 and before blogging, I would go into the bookstore and the library and just look around at the books, reading the back or inside cover to see if it sounded good. I don't do that anymore. Most of the time, I just read the books that have been so hyped that they are everywhere. I miss reading for my tastes and not just the hyped books because everyone else is reading them. 

In the last month I've changed that a little bit, I've been reading books I want to read again. After my two DNFs, I knew I had to change my reading habits. I've DNF maybe.... 5-6 books in my entire life. Two of those were last month because I've been trying to read the hyped/popular books over books I want to read. 

I started reading the hyped books more and more when I saw that that's the only reviews people wanted to see. I thought to stay blogging I had to read only these hyped books as no one really cared when I reviewed an older book that I loved to pieces. People just want the hyped books, the ones that everyone else is reviewing. There's nothing wrong with that at all. If that's the only books you want to read, then go for it! At least you're reading. But I feel that I am missing out on lots of other good books reading just the hyped books or the well known books. 

So, I am going to just read books that sound good to me, even if they aren't popular and no one else wants to see my review. 

Now the negative being out of the way, let's say something positive about how my reading habits has changed. Since blogging, I have discovered some great news authors that I would've never known about. Some great indie authors and even a few new big ones that I didn't know about.

I also read more contemporaries since blogging. I never used to pick up any books unless it was paranormal or fantasy or just something that deals in mythology. So I feel like I've branched out some and I really love that. 

I've read more books since blogging. Which is good and bad. Good because yay more books! Who doesn't want to read more books? Also bad because sometimes I feel pressured to read a book and make sure I have a review every week. If I don't read a book a week at least, my anxiety starts to get a little crazy. Anyone else that way? 

Now my favorite thing that has changed since I started blogging, is that now I have two favorite authors instead of one. Sarah J Maas, I never would've picked up ACOTAR without everyone hyping it up. I am getting tired of retellings and so that's how this was marketed so I was like.... nope! Then all the reviews poured in and I knew I had to read it. Amazing and such an epic book and then the series got so much better. 

There are bad and good things about pretty much everything and I just wanted to share some of mine and let you guys know that I will not just review hyped books anymore but books I just want to read because they sound so good. 

Let me know below what's something that has changed in your reading since you started blogging, it can be good or bad or heck, one of both! Just let me know. 

As always have a great day and happy reading little butterflies!