Monday, November 13, 2017

Manga Monday - L-DK Volume 4

Here we go again! Another Manga Monday! I'm really glad I brought this back as I'm enjoying it very much. 

A series of unexpected occurrences along with some exciting and thrill-filled summer events bring Aoi and Shusei closer than ever before. And with the rising temperature, things start to heat up in their living arrangement! Will Aoi’s seemingly impossible love come to fruition or will it all pass as just another summer romance?

Manga Breakdown

This one starts off with Soju showing Shuusei the photo where he kisses Aoi, but the younger doesn't seem bothered by it at all. He plays it off very well which is more than I can say about Aoi, she punches Soju in the face and it was a wonderful moment. The asshat deserved it! Aoi apologizes to Shuusei for her behavior but he tells her to that Soju's kiss doesn't count as her first kiss and kisses under her eye. 

While studying Aoi’s female friends talk about what parts they like most about men’s bodies and it gets Aoi nervous as everything about Shūsei turns her on. It even gets kind of weird where she's trying to touch him in his sleep. I think this scene was meant to be sexy but it was just awkward to me. 

Shuusei’s little cousin Momo visits and wants him to take her to the water park. Where she treats him like her boyfriend. Again, this chapter in the story is kind of weird too. She's family and yet she's pressing her chest against him and just weird. But again, it is fiction and not real so while it was weird, it didn't really bother me that much. It really came down to her just being so lonely.

Aoi and Shuusei plan to go to the fireworks festival, but her brother Kento shows up and drama unfolds. At first Kento doesn't like Shuusei and thinks he's just using his sister but once he gets to know him, he says he will cover for Aoi with their father. They end up enjoying the fireworks as this volume comes to a close. 

This one is a lot better than the last one but it's still kinda weird compared to the first two. I'm still going to keep reading this series as I do find it fun and like I said in my review for volume 1, I'm so picky when it comes to art style that it's hard for me to find a manga I want to read. So hopefully, volume 5 is more like 1-2 and not 3-4 but we shall see!