Sunday, November 12, 2017

NaNoWriMo Update - Pinterest Pins

I am now up to 31,074 words. I am on fire! Though to admit, I write every single chance I get. I write and write and write and that's it. Besides work and taking care of my daughter of course. So I've had no life since this started. Not that I have much a life in general... I'm a really boring person. 

This update, I wanted to share a few pictures I've pinned form Pinterest and explain them a little bit. So let's go!

So werewolves are in my story and in order to stay hidden, they turn here in the woods, where no one else can see. Also this is where my MC first meets her love interest. 

Meet Derek Nakashima. He is the oldest of four brothers. He's half Japanese and Half American. He's protective and cocky with a deep love for steak.

I know this model doesn't fir that description but in my mind, this is close to how I see him. He's a little more built and has tattoos in my story but this is as close a picture of him as I could find. Isn't the model freaking dreamy though? 

My MC has some wicked powers. This picture is a hint to them. 

Now let's share a song I've been listening too while I write. Warning! It's very dirty.

I guess that's it for this update! Keep your word count high and your stress level down!