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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

10 Controversial Books YOU May Have Read

Books are banned all the time and if they aren't banned... well they sure are a hot topic with people lining up to say what is wrong with these books and why no one should read them.

I'm only listing what has been said about each book. Not my opinion on them as they'd all be the same. Also some of these I've read and loved. I'm that rebel that loves reading books that people say I shouldn't. Also, I say, you should never let what someone else says keep you from reading a book you want. You do you. Always.

 So let's jump into the list, shall we? 

10) Harry Potter
Yep! That's right. Something like HP has been at the center of controversy for years! I actually remember this one when I was younger and just getting into reading, my mother would not let me read this series or even watch the movies! 

She had pamphlets all around the house with these pictures of Harry and the devil holding hands. Anyway, the thing around this series is the witchcraft it entails. Parents thought it would turn their kids over to the dark side and they'd all go to hell. 

9) The Black Witch
This one has been a hot topic for pretty much every 'ist' you can think of. People have said it's hurtful to some groups of people and just so full of nasty stuff that shouldn't be in books in 2017.

8) Empire of Storms
So.... this is on my list for a few reasons. Some people have said the series is racist because there's not enough diversity...to the point she was sent death threats. The biggest thing settles on this book and the sex in it. Some people were not happy at all with the sex in this book and it being geared towards young adults. 

7) The Hate U Give
This book has mostly been praised and pretty much everyone loves it. So why is it here? Well, there are some out there that say this book is racist and has too much police violence and the 'foul' language it uses isn't suited for young adults. Thus it was banned at a school in Texas. 

6) Forever
This was Banned. Not just a hot or controversial topic. Why was it banned? Well... sex. Yeah... lots of parents at the time wanted their children to know nothing about sex and what it entails. My parents were no different. I wasn't allowed to read this one either.  Sex is going to be a theme with these it seems. 

5) Two Boys Kissing
This one will come as no surprise to you... sadly. Why is this one banned? Well, the cover... the two boys kissing on this cover was enough to send some people over the edge. They thought it would promote the 'gay agenda'. You really can't make this weird stuff up. This is one I've not read yet but I hope to do so soon.

4) Blood and Chocolate
This was wasn't banned because of the bloody scenes with werewolves fighting. No. It was banned for how the teenage girl accepted and reveled in her own sexuality. Told you most of these were about sex.

This was has been called racist and it uses too much offensive language and it was way too sexually explicit for some people.

2) Carrie
The book that gave me my name has also been banned. Too much sexual content and violence they say.

1) Looking for Alaska
This one is banned for a sexually explicit scene that might make a student or young adult 'experiment'. Yeah I know...

So that's it! Let me know below if you've read any of these books and what you think about them! 


  1. I always find it so strange to read lists of banned books and seeing the reasons that people come up with for banning them. I grew up (and still live) in a pretty liberal part of the Midwest so I hadn't even heard of banned books until I became more involved in the blogosphere. It's sad how many of these are banned because of their sexual or violence content. Sexuality is a part of every day life and as long as the book isn't romanticizing violence, it's perfectly fine in my view. At the core of every book is a commentary on the human condition and I think before we ban a book, we ought to take a look at why we feel that we have to ban it in the first place. Great post, Carrie!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I didn't know banned books were a thing either. I mean, there were books my mother said I couldn't read but I didn't know that schools and such could ban books. I couldn't believe it when I first found out.

  2. I remember when Harry Potter was huge and my best friend wasn't allowed to read it. We'd started reading the first book together and then she got it taken away and I never finished without her. :( Sometimes I think the "banned books list" has basically become a place to find the best books ever.

    1. Honestly, I have found that most banned books are freaking awesome. Every single one I've read, I enjoy. So, I'm thinking you're right about that!

  3. I don't think any book should be banned. I'm just saying. And of course The Hate U Give would be banned in Texas where I live. Oh geez. I still need to read that one!