Thursday, December 21, 2017

One More Light

I don't normally talk about these kinds of things but after what has happened with Chester and now Jonghyun, I feel I need to say something. Suicide is not the answer. Never. If you're feeling down and think there's nothing happy left to live for, you're wrong. If you have depression, seek help. Talk to someone, anyone and if you can't talk to anyone, there are hotlines for you. People there 24/7 that will talk to you, help you see why ending your life isn't worth it. If you need medication, don't be ashamed of it. 

Mental health is still treated as something taboo or something we make up in our own minds. Some people think it's something we just need to get over. Why on Earth can't we treat mental health the way we treat our physical health? I mean, when we get the flu, we go to the doctor, why don't we treat mental health the same way? 

 1-800-273-8255 - suicide hotline USA (International numbers)

Don't let your light go out. Your life matters.  

I've been there, it was just after my first panic attack when I was 17, I didn't understand what was going on. After it ended, I wanted to kill myself so I would never have to deal with that again. I didn't think I could handle anymore of those.

I've had other dark times in my life. So I can understand wanting to stop the pain, not knowing that it can get better. All you have to do is don't give up. Never stop fighting and get the help you need. 

We need to stop the stigma around mental health so people won't be ashamed of seeking the help they need. No one ever worries what other people will think when they break a bone and have to go the doctor. 

Don't throw away your life.