Saturday, December 9, 2017

Population - Review

Lawlessness, violence and desperation are all that is left of the world following the coming of the Others. Abel exists only within the boundaries that her rules allow - rules that she created to keep her alive. But when her best friend's daughter is taken by the Others, she can't keep playing by the rule book. Instead, she must begin a life defining journey that will test her survival techniques and bring all of her instincts into question. When she finds herself allied with one of the Others, Abel must confront foreign concepts like allegiance and desire and trust as he challenges her ability to find what she has always feared: hope.

*This series is a science fiction romance and some violent and graphic content may not be suitable for young readers*

Book Breakdown 

I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway

Heart pounding, gritty, diverse, and violent. This book is a wild ride. It does start off slow but once you get through the world building and all that jazz, the story picks up and it never stops. Not once does this book you a chance to breathe. It keeps you on the tip of your toes and the edge of your seat. I being the romance fan that I am, was happy that amid everything else, we get some of that too. 

My biggest gripe with this book.... there is a cliff hanger!!! I need the next book right now. Do NOT start this book without the second one on your kindle, shelf, whatever. I mean it, you will hate yourself if you can't jump into the next one. I know I am. 

The character development is great and the plot moves along greatly. Something I love that I have found some authors have a problem with is the balance of the romance and the actual plot. That wasn't a problem here. The romance never once took away from the plot but instead it added to it wonderfully. 

Overall, get this book and get through the first 25-30 pages and then it will suck you in and refuse to let you go.