Monday, January 1, 2018

Manga Monday - L-DK Volume 3

Another Manga Monday! Yay! I've been reading this series L-DK and I am really enjoying it so far... well this one wasn't quite as good as the last two... want to know why? Keep on reading! 

OH, BROTHER: Having acknowledged her own feelings for Shusei, Aoi must now muster the courage to tell him that she likes him. But with Shusei's popularity, will she be able to do anything before someone else snatches him up? Luckily, Shusei's older brother comes into the picture and comes up with a way to light the flame of romance in Shusei's heart, but his older brother's unconventional plan may take things too far?

Manga Breakdown 

This one starts off funny with Shuusei's friends coming over to his place and Aoi hiding so they won't see her. I thought she was going to get caught for sure but it was only a close call and their secret remains safe and sound. 

Now this volume is a lot weaker compared to the past two in my eyes. Yes, I know it's fiction and fake and doesn't compare to real life but when the language teacher is all over Shuusei... like all over him, pushing her chest in his face and then trying to get her freaking student into bed... that's just a bit much for me personally. Though I do like that he leaves the teacher tied down in a bed because she wouldn't leave him alone. Nice touch. Through all this Aoi just wishes she could spend some time with him and she does at last get her wish.

Shuusei’s older brother - Soju - is an asshat. I don't get why he just shows up and then is determined to her his brother. Shuusei's got a weird family. Soju tells Aoi that he wants her and his brother together and gives her some advice to get him. It doesn't work though and so Soju ends up kissing Aoi to show her how a kiss should be. Then he comes up with the idea that he'll come over and help make his little brother jealous... just wow. Finally Soju shows Shuusei a picture of him and Aoi kissing. 

This is my least favorite volume so far. I really hope the next ones are more like the last two and not like this one because this is not the series that I fell in love with in the last two volumes, this was just some really weird stuff that had me rolling my eyes and shaking my head.