Monday, January 8, 2018

Manga Monday - L-DK Volume 5


Aoi still secretly pines for Shusei’s affection but constantly worries that revealing her feelings to him will bring their living situation to an end. Meanwhile, a new neighbor moves into Aoi and Shusei’s building—and it’s a student from their high school! Will this new resident bring big changes to Aoi and Shusei’s secret cohabitation?

Manga Breakdown 

Aoi and Shuusei take Kouta to the amusement park. But when Kouta asks if they are together Shuusei’s response makes Kouta turn cold on him and he spends the rest of the trip working to make Kouta like him again. Which he does. 

Wataru, a new neighbor, decides to befriend Aoi. Although she tries to hide the fact that she and Shuusei are living together. He doesn't care and flat out tells Wataru that they are sharing an apartment. This of course causes Aoi to worry but Wataru tries to comfort her and says he won't tell anyone her secret. Though he does start to show his feelings towards Aoi. 

During Wataru's welcome party, Aoi unintentionally drinks some alcohol and tries to get Shuusei to do whatever he wants with her, but he refuses. Which I loved, no good guy is going to sleep with a drunk girl. That's just messed up.

Aoi ends up in the men’s baths with Wataru, as she was too lost in her thoughts about Shuusei to see she went into the wrong baths. Shuusei doesn't even seem to care that he found them together. I swear, this guy is great at playing like he doesn't give a crap. Later, Wataru tells Shuusei that if he is the cause of Aoi's tears, he will take Aoi for himself and make sure she doesn't cry anymore. 

This one is much better than 3-4 thank goodness! I was hoping this would be the case and I'm so glad I was right! I also love Wataru and hope he sticks around for a while. He's a sweetheart and is it wrong that part of me wants Aoi with Wataru? The art style is still great and I'm so glad to see the plot moving in a direction that I can enjoy and follow along with.