Monday, January 22, 2018

Manga Monday - Mini Bleach Reviews (Volumes 2-4)

Since I have a bunch of little reviews today, I thought I would stick them all into one instead of three. It just made more sense to me this way. So let's dive into these manga reviews! 

Quote: "I decided no one has the right to take a life. I exist! I should have the right to live and die freely! Like humans, or even bugs. Even a mod should have that right. So I refuse to take a life. I won't kill."

This volume is even better then the first. We get to meet Chad and Mr Hat and Clogs. We get more info on Hollows and we get to know Rukia more. We also see poor Karin getting sick over this poor suffering soul of a little boy. We also learn that Ichigo doesn't like killing. He saves the Mod soul even after the damage it caused in his body. This volume was very action packed.... this whole series is going to action packed so that's a given. Overall, this manga series is going to be one heck of a fun ride.

Quote: “If I were rain, that join sky and earth that otherwise never touch, could I join two hearths as well?”

This volume is all about Ichigo and the death of his mum. Every year, his family takes the day off from school and go visit the grave of their mother. It's a sad time and Ichigo feels so guilty and thinks that he is the cause of his mother's death. In a way... he's not wrong. But it wasn't him who killed his mother but a Hollow! 

We get to see why Ichigo wants to protect those he cares about at any cost. We also see he and Rukia bond a little more and I enjoy that as their friendship is interesting. Overall, my favorite volume yet.

Quote: “We are drawn to each other like drops of water, like the planets we repulse each other like magnets, like the color of our skin.”

This is the volume where Don Kanonji is brought in. Which if you love him, you'll love this and if you don't like him, like me, then you don't like it. His heart is in the right place but he's annoying and has no idea what he is doing. Through Kanonji's actions, Ichigo must battle a Hallow and hope to save everyone around from it. We also get Mr Hat and Clogs, whom I love to death, every time he's in the story I love it more. 

We also learn more about the Hollows which is always nice. I love that this series gives us a little info every volume so we learn new things but it's not boring and just an info drop kind of thing. It keeps it fresh while expanding the world perfectly. 

We also get to meet one of my favorite characters in the whole manga in this one! UryĆ»!