Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Komomo Confiserie Volume 1 - Manga Review

As a little girl, Komomo Ninomiya delighted in picking on Natsu Azumi, the son of her family’s pastry chef. Ten years later, when the family fortune is lost and she has no place to live, Komomo encounters Natsu again in her hour of need. Now that Natsu is a master pastry chef in his own right, he’ll help Komomo—but only if she works for him at his new confiserie!


Komomo was a spoiled little girl. She got everything she wanted as a child, other than seeing her parents because they were working so much. She especially loved picking on the son her family's pastry chef, Natsu. One day, this father leaves and goes to France and he goes too. Her family loses their money and now she's poor and trying to find a job but can't keep anything down. 

Well, guess who comes back... none other than Natsu, he's now working at his father's little cafe while he's gone. He wants to find Komomo and bully her like she did him when they were younger. That seems to be his life goal.... he sure didn't aim very high. He wants her to know what he went through I guess. Writing this out now... it sounds rather strange but it was an entertaining manga and I do plan to continue as the art is wonderful and it had me laughing and I don't laugh enough anymore. 

If you're looking for a fun, strange, and quick to read manga, this is the one for you. It's not a hard plot to follow, it's simple and something that is perfect when you want to read but can't really focus too hard. It's cute and silly and just fun.