Thursday, February 22, 2018

Komomo Confiserie Volume 2 - Review

Now that Komomo's family is bankrupt, the arranged marriage her father had planned for her is most likely void. With her future now open, Komomo decides to look for love and start dating. Natsu offers himself up to be her suitor, but will Komomo accept him?

My Review 

So this volume starts with Komomo going over to Rise's house and spending some time with her. While she's there, she gets to meet Rise's crush. Sadly, Rise, when nervous, gets rather mean and she's mean to her crush and it's something she wishes she could change. Komomo offers to help her with love and works on a plan. The plan works and Rise gets her date with her crush and Komomo gets to go on her first ever date with his best friend. 

But nothing goes as planned and the guys only want to hurt the girls for money. Natsu shows up to save the girls and carries Komomo in his arms till she wakes up. Her offers to give her a better first date and she accepts and they have fun together. When she tries to kiss him, he backs away, but she says she wants to fall in love with him. So they start dating and they do all these romantic things that Komomo wants. Finally when he tries to kiss her, she dumps him. 

She soon meets Seto, a sweet shoemaker, and she falls in love with him but doesn't know it yet. It also turns out that he's from a rich background same as her, only he left all that to follow his dream. Komomo tells his family off and then he also begs them to let him live in his dream. Afterward, an accident happens and they both get hurt. Natsu shows up at the hospital and carries her home, she wakes up halfway there and asks him why she got dizzy and fell after looking into Seto's eyes...

This volume was a little better than the last one, it made me laugh more and also had me smiling a lot. It's really just a fun manga. The art is wonderful and story just flows nicely.