Sunday, February 25, 2018

Komomo Confiserie Volume 3 - Manga Review

Komomo, in the throes of first love, doesn't understand the feelings she's having for Seto. She asks Natsu about feeling giddy, and he tells her that she's simply experiencing a head cold. But when Komomo finds out Seto's heart belongs to another, will Natsu be there to comfort her?

My Thoughts

This is the best volume yet! The story keeps getting better and I'm loving it so much. This one starts off with Komomo wanting to make a meal for Seto because all he ever eats is a 'cucumber sandwich' and since she has this huge crush on him, she wants him to have more. So she works on trying to figure out what she could make for him when she finds out that he has a girlfriend. It breaks her heart. It hurts her even more when she finds out that Seto and his girlfriend broke up and he's not happy anymore. So she makes a plan to get him and his girlfriend back together. 

Rise gets angry at her for not telling about her heartbreak and then gets angry at her while trying to cheer her up at the same time. Komomo feels better after that because while she lost her first love, she still has her best friend. 

Natsu gives Komomo a task, she has to create what item they will serve at the upcoming festival and she takes her job seriously and she comes up with a cute idea and then he also gives her the task to create the sign for the dish. She also goes this too. But she starts to wonder if Netsu has someone he loves after seeing him kiss her wish candy. Right when she is about to ask him, Noelle, appears. Who is Noelle? We shall have to read the next volume to find out! 

Netsu isn't creepy in this one volume, he's starting to be a character that I love and Komomo is still has cute and sweet and clueless as ever. I can't wait to read the next one! I think that Komomo is finally starting to realize her feelings for Netsu.