Monday, February 5, 2018

Manga Monday - QQ Sweeper Volume 1

Welcome to Manga Monday! Where I review a manga that I've read recently. Come along and enjoy all the drama and heartbreak and floppy man hair!

Kyutaro Horikita, the tall, dark and handsome cleaning expert of Kurokado High, is about to meet a sleeping maiden at the school: transfer student Fumi Nishioka! Fumi’s going to learn how to rid the school of nasty spirits with Kyutaro’s help, and her heart will surprisingly be “cleansed” too…!

In the old campus of their school, a mysterious room has a door that beckons Fumi, even though she shouldn’t even be able to see it! Kyutaro goes in after her, but will he be able to save her before she gets devoured by otherworldly creatures?

Manga Breakdown

Fumi is a sixteen year old girl that has been left alone by her guardians. They just skipped town and left her on her own. She tried to play it off but it comes to light when she sleeps in an old building and Kyutaro finds her.

Through varies actions Fumi enters a weird door trying to save a classmate where bugs are crawling. It's unlike anything she's ever seen before. She's about to give up finding a way out when she remembers her dream of finding Prince Charming and thus she carries on.

She makes it out safely with the help of Kyutaro and soon discovers that his whole family are Sweepers. They clean bad energy from people's hearts. She's given a test and if she passes she will join. The elder brother really thinks she could be useful after she punched a bug with her bare hand. 

This first 3/4 of this manga kind of feels like a prequel and the real story starts later but I like that we get that slight backstory, this way we weren't just thrown into the book and left confused while trying to gather pieces as the manga goes. 

The art is fantastic but considering it's the same creator as Dengeki Daisy, I knew it was going to be awesome and fantastic. I can't wait to read more of this series. It's going to be fun!