Thursday, March 8, 2018

Library Wars Volume 8 - Review

In the near future, the federal government creates a committee to rid society of books it deems unsuitable. The libraries vow to protect their collections, and with the help of local governments, form a military group to defend themselves--the Library Forces!

Book Breakdown

FINALLY! I have been waiting 8 volumes for this and it finally happened! Well... not everything I've been waiting for has happened but one thing did. Let's do a recap, shall we? In the last volume our girl, Iku was going through some hard crap but that resolves in this volume and she learns that Dojo, the guy who she's always fighting with but is always saving her, is her prince. The one that saved her back in the day. The one that made her want to become a part of the library in the first place.

Needless to say, she's not taking it well. She's losing her mind, how could she not see the truth?! All this time... she's even compared Dojo to her prince. Now she's unsure how to move on in their relationship. Does he hate her and that's why he never told her? She feels a little lost inside, even spending all night crying. 

I really can't wait to read the next one, this series is finally starting to pick up nicely. I love each character, they are all coming into their own perfectly. The art is getting so good. I love how well the whole team works together. I am loving this story and where it's going. I feel that compared to most shojo manga that this one really does have very fleshed out side characters and I find myself loving when they get the spotlight.