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Friday, April 6, 2018

50/50 Friday - Best/Worst Read in March

50/50 Friday is hosted here on this blog and over at Blue Eye Books

What is 50/50 Friday?
Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. We will have a new topic every Friday (something bookish of course!). If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let us know!

Topic for the Week
Best/Worst Read in March



Topic for Next Week
Favorite/ Least Favorite Short Story 


  1. I can't say I'd ever heard of any of these before I saw them on your blog.

  2. I once read this Goosebumps story (Night of the Living Dummy) and it sounds really similar to Norman. Even those books were meant for kids, I always found them incredibly creepy so I don't know if I could ever read Norman but maybe during a particularly brave October?

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  3. That cover for Norman is really creepy!

    My best March book was Bruno Schultz' Collected Stories and my worst was probably The Clock Flower though that did still just get 3 stars.