Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Meeting Eternity - Review

Would you risk your life for love?

Rose Clyde lost her girlfriend six months ago in a tragic accident. Since then, she simply goes through the motions, knowing she might be doomed to spend the rest of her life grieving. But when her best friend calls with a strange job offer—working the front desk of an old hotel up the Maine coastline—it’s an offer Rose can’t refuse. And a chance to restart her life.

But Rose isn’t prepared for Kane Sullivan, her new boss. This enigmatic, captivating woman, from their very first meeting, has Rose spellbound. There’s something about Kane that seems so familiar…why does Rose feel as if she’s seen this lovely, powerful woman before?

As the strange old Sullivan Hotel begins to reveal its dark secrets, Rose’s life hangs in the balance. But an even greater danger looms: She’s falling in love with a vampire.

“Meeting Eternity” is the first volume in the Sullivan Vampires series. It contains the full first three novellas in the series: Eternal Hotel, Eternal Kiss and Eternal Thief. The Sullivan Vampires is a beautiful, romantic epic that follows the clan of Sullivan vampires and the women who love them. Advance praise has hailed this hallmark series as “Twilight for women who love women” and “a lesbian romance that takes vampires seriously! Two thumbs up!” It is approximately 60,000 words (several days worth of reading or so).

Book Breakdown 

I wanted to love this book so much, I've been trying to find some good LGBT paranormal fiction but it's hard. Most of it is too cheesy or just lots of smut and that's not my taste. This one sounded promising, I mean lesbian vampires?! Hell yeah! Though it had the one trope that I just can't handle; insta-love. I mean our main girl has been mourning her ex for half a freaking year! HALF A YEAR! Then as soon as she meets Kane.... bam! She's already in love and moving on from her dead girlfriend like she never existed.

I pushed on because I did enjoy the writing and everything else about the story, I really loved Kane. I liked all the other characters too. I just can't get over how fast Rose jumps into the deep end so damn fast. I get it, Kane is freaking hot but you can't love someone just from looking at them.... lust, oh yeah.

Anyway, if you're looking for a paranormal LGBT romance and don't mind insta-love, then you'll like this one. It's also on Kindle Unlimited as of writing this, so really, can't lose. So go for it.