Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tempting the Dark - ARC Review

His calling…

…might be her destruction

When the door to Daemonia is opened, Savin Thorne is reunited with a childhood friend he thought he’d lost forever. After years of captivity, Jett has escaped—along with hordes of monsters streaming into the mortal realm. With Savin, she has her first experience of desire. But their passion can’t save them. It might even be their undoing…

Expected Publication Date: 9/1/2018

ARC Breakdown 

Jett and Savin were best friends 20 years ago... before they were sucked into the demon realm and Savin got out with the help of a new 'friend' and Jett was left there... Savin thinks she died but turns out she found a way to live there, doing whatever she had to do to survive. When he finds her one night, he can't seem to grasp what happened but they slowly grow together but whenever they get close, the demon inside him gets rather angry. Will they ever be together? Can Jett tell him the truth about how she survived? 

A quick run and hot read. I will say that everything was so obvious before it ever happened but that didn't lessen my enjoyment. It was cute watching these two best friends come back together after 20 years. Sometimes when it's meant to be, nothing can stop it. I really liked Savin but sometimes felt that Jett was rather a wishy washy character. One moment she hates her demon side and then the next she's at a club just giving into her darker side. She does get better as the book goes along which really redeemed her in my eyes. I loved the romance between the couple and the plot was interesting, I found myself sitting there wondering when the other characters would figure out the answer I knew early on. 

Overall, a quick and fun read. 

*Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review*