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Raise Clairaudient Energy - ARC Review

Obtain the audible, psychic guidance you need to make better decisions, improve your health, and take purposeful action with renowned author Cyndi Dale's book on clairaudience, the ability to hear those in Spirit. Many people think clairaudience is limited to hearing the deceased, but, as Cyndi shows in this book, that's not the case.

Raise Clairaudient Energy provides step-by-step instructions for using six styles of this psychic skill: classical clairaudience, speaking in tongues, clairaudient writing, telepathy, connecting with natural beings, and applying clairaudience for healing and manifesting purposes. Build your clairaudient toolkit and utilize Cyndi's specialized techniques. Explore exercises designed to improve your skills as you move through each chapter. This essential guide helps you enhance your spirituality and attract great opportunities.

Book Breakdown

Before this book, I had no idea whatsoever what clairaudient energy was. I assumed it was something like clairvoyant but that was pretty much it. Turns out, it's called 'clear hearing'. When you hear things from spirits and such. So that's pretty cool. 

So after I'm diving into this book, I'm thinking, there is no way I can master this! My hearing sucks... the only thing good about my hearing is that I can hear really high pitched nosies that no one else around me can. So, I read the book, I tried to the exercises that it said, Spirit to Spirit is the most basic of them.... and last night, I heard this weird popping noise and then water rushing around me. Which was weird because everything was normal. 

Then right as I go to write this review, water starts dripping from the apartment above us into our water heater.... turns out her water tank broke. So I heard the water rushing before it even happened.... that's pretty freaking cool. 

Now, let's say you want to open yourself up to hearing things but are scared that only dark things will come to you, no worries! This book teaches you how to know if there is so something negative around you and how to get rid of it. It also teaches you how to protect yourselves so the chances of something bad happening are lowered. 

I also enjoyed the little stories she threw in there about her episodes with clairaudience and how she does it personally. All in all, I learned a lot! It's great if you're a noob like me when it comes to this stuff! I'm so glad I was approved to read this one from NetGalley because I learned a lot and now I can't wait to dive more into this topic! 

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