Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Discovery of Witches Episode 1 Review

This show is based on the wildly popular book series by  of the same name. So if you don't know anything about this series, it focuses on Diana Bishop, a which from a very powerful line of witches (yes, that line) but she wants nothing to do with witchcraft. Then there is Matthew Clairmont... the vampire with lots of secrets. They end up meeting over a book that only Diana can open and things just spiral from there... in between tea times and all that wine they drink of course. 

I read the book in August and while it's not a favorite, I did enjoy the plot. It's been called Twilight for adults many times. If you'd like to read my review, you can follow the link. 

I admit, I only read the book because I saw that the TV show was coming out and it looked really good. The trailer pulled me in right away and I'm guessing by what I saw on the trailer that they are going to change some things form the book, which in this case, I'm fine with.

They did change quite a few things, how she used her powers by accident, how she friendly she was with the other witch among other things but I liked the changes so much. Judging from this episode, this show is going to be better than the book! That is not often something I get to say! 

I love the other characters we get to meet in this episode, every character is pretty well acted and fits their characters pretty well but I still am not fond of Matthew Goode for Matthew. He's a great actor but just not who I would've cast for the role.

I will admit that I am drawn in by the very fact that this is an adult paranormal romance when so many that have come out recently if not most are all YA. I really hope this does well so we can get more adult centered stories like this. 

All in all, a good start to a new series and I can't wait to see where it goes.