Sunday, October 28, 2018

Cursed Rebel - Review

Never trust a pretty face. My grandma taught me that. She warned me about the Fair Folk but I never believed her...until I was kidnapped by one. And damn, he is pretty.
But Fin was sent to bring me to his King, and if I want to survive the Otherworld, I have no choice but to trust him - for now.
Oh, and did I mention my sexy best friend is hunting me? I should've listened to Gran.

Mini Book Breakdown 

All her life, Lucy had been told that the Fae her bad, evil and she should stay away from them. All that changes when Fin shows up and kidnaps her, taking her to the land of the Fae...

This is the first thing I've by this author and let me say, it won't be the last. I really liked the world building and the characters. Fin especially was great. I do think it should've been longer, the end just felt off to me. I think expanding on this novel would be amazing, it's pretty short anyway, I read it all in one afternoon. 

I liked the flow of the writing once we got a few chapters in, it was action packed and never boring but the beginning was very rushed, like the author was just wanting to get to all the good parts. My favorite part was the romance, I thought it was well done and I wanted more of them. Honestly, I just wanted more of this story. 

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+I received this book in exchange for an honest review+