Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Nightmare Before Christmas Book Tag! (Original)

So here is the original book tag that I created three years ago. I wanted to bring it back since it's been a while and perfect for Halloween! As far as I know there is no other tag like this out there. I've looked into a bit and didn't find anything. I actually came up with this idea after watching one of my favorite movies. Then when I went to work after I had a lot of time to think and that's how this idea was born! So here we go! 


Sally- A book with a character who loves someone so much and actually gets them in the end.

Jack - A book with a character who longs for more.

Zero - A book with a loyal sidekick.

Oogie Boogie - A book with one hell of a wicked villain.

Halloween Town - A book that's creepy or has a scary theme.

Christmas Town - A book that left you feeling warm and fuzzy inside,

What's This? - A book that took you by surprise.

My Answers


For this one I came up with Freyra. From A Court of Thrones and Roses. She longs for more than she lets on. 


Roth from Every Last Breath. He fits this perfectly! He got the girl even after he thought he was going to lose her. Oh Roth... sorry excuse me, I'm fangirling over here.


This one goes out to the Harry Potter series. Ron and Hermione. You could not ask for more loyal friends. I would want them on my side any day of the week.

Oogie Boogie

For this I've chosen the king from Throne of Glass. He's a pretty badass villain. I'm sure you can all agree.

What's This?

The Young Elites. I've never had such trouble trying to push a book from my mind. It kept me up late trying to process everything that had happened. It was also the first book I've ever read where the main character is a villain. Pretty epic stuff.

Christmas Town

Wait for You by JLA. When I finished that book I just felt so happy. They finally got together and trusted each other and she was one her way to leaving free from her past. Great book, you should all read it. Just saying haha.

Halloween Town

For this one I chose Diary of a Haunting. It was very creepy and kind of gross with all the bugs.

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