Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Guilty Pleasure Movies & TV Shows

I did this for books not long ago and thought I would do this for TV shows and movies. Hope you'll join me and let me know if you love any of these!

Jennifer's Body
This was such a flop but I loved it! I still think it's such a great dark comedy.

Gossip Girl (TV)
I found this show not long ago but I loved it even though I know it's not good. It pulled me in and I sucked in every episode. 

Underworld (Movie Series)
Again, I didn't realize how bad these movies were till my partner pointed it out (he's helped me see that a lot of my visual media is guilty pleasures). 

The Arrangement (TV)
This one is so bad that even I know it's bad! That being said, it still has me watching and waiting to know what will happen next but I'll admit to liking this show, ever. Except for this post.

City of Bones (Movie)
This one doesn't need much because I'm sure you've seen it but yeah, it's bad, but I still love it!

Dynasty (TV)
This show was what inspired the whole post. It's based off a soap opera from the 80's, so with that in mind, you know it's not good but it's so freaking entertaining! 

Resident Evil (Movie Series)
Another movie series that I know isn't good, the plot is kind of messed up and laughable at times but it's something I can watch and enjoy over and over again. Except the last one... it's too bad even for me.

Dollhouse (TV)
Sadly, this series got cancelled over after two seasons so the rest of the world thinks it's pretty bad but I wish it had stayed on because I loved it so much. Plus, Eliza Dushku is tied for my biggest girl crush along with Amy Lee.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Movie)
Please don't hate me for what I say next... it's only my opinion. I hate Dirty Dancing, the character of Baby made me want to stab myself in the eye, I didn't like her but I did like this one, I'm like the only one in the world that prefers this one but I've always been weird.