Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Boss (Volume 1) - Review

"The hot and heavy story of Aria and Zayden. One of best romance books I've read this year." - Extremely Hot Romance Books

My name is Aria and I'm just a normal girl. I go to college and work as a bank teller. My only problem is that my mother has racked up sixty thousand dollars worth of medical bills. She doesn't have a job so any extra money I make goes to her bills. When my boss, Zayden, gives me a proposition that if I agree to be his girlfriend for six months then he'll give me the money for my mom's bills I can't turn him down. The only problem is that he wants me to be more than just his girlfriend. Will I be able to stop his seduction?

Book Breakdown

This is a very short read, I didn't even know how short as I saw it on one of those free kindle book emails I get everyday. It sounded pretty good, I've been reading lots of romance lately. But that cliff hanger had me nearly throwing my kindle into the wall in rage. I don't mind cliff hangers, I'm not that bitchy but this one.... no! You don't just end after THAT. I've come to see that these kind of books are the ones where the beginning is aways free and then the rest of the series is all paid but I'm not going to pay $.99 cents just for more cliff hangers. 

I did enjoy what story I did get, I just kept hoping they'd get together. There are feminist talking points, so if that's something you like or hate, now you know either way. There is also a few minor errors that me rereading like two sentences to figure out what just happened. But it's free and where I used to read fan-faction back in the day, it's not much and shouldn't really be a problem for the reader. 

Overall, I will not be continuing with this series. It just wasn't for me.