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Monday, December 31, 2018

Music Monday - Her Despair

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Today we are going to dive into a new band that I've found and love! I know they won't be for everyone as they're considered goth but I just had to share anyway.

Favorite Lyrics

In beauty and sorrow
You are my romance
Weeping eternally
Mourning you on Valentines

Favorite Lyrics 

As angels die in agony
For the sins of everyone but me
You sing a song of tragedy
And scream my name as you
Blaspheme with me 


  1. As always, thanks for the tunes! Happy New Year Carrie!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Carrie! I haven't heard them before, but the instrumentation in both songs sound really familiar - now I just have to figure out what it reminds me of... :)

    1. Good luck, I've been trying to figure it out myself for around a month now lol

    2. I'm glad that's not just me then!