Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Sicilian's Bought Cinderella - ARC Review

Bought for his convenience…

But their chemistry is impossible to resist!

Posing as commanding billionaire Dante Moncada’s fiancée at a glamorous society wedding is a far cry from Aislin O’Reilly’s modest life, but she’ll do anything to secure money for her sick nephew. The deal with Dante is strictly business—the gorgeous Sicilian playboy is danger personified. Yet soon their mutual explosive passion rips through the terms of their arrangement, leaving them both hungry for more…

Get swept away by the glamour of this convenient engagement!


Thanks to NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review

Our girl, Aislin O’Reilly, just wants to see her sister and nephew taken care of and she's willing to do anything for them, even entering a fake engagement with a stone hearted man that just recently lost his father.

I love Aislin, she's strong and not scared to stand up for herself and what she believes is right. When she loves someone, she gives them her all, going to the far reaches of the earth for them. I love how selfless she is.

Dante Moncada is tired of being left so he closes his heart to everyone. He has no one left now but he keeps pretending that's what he wants, until his feelings for our girl become too much for him to deny and he has to make her his. 

I love this book but there was some weird words used to describe things that really took me out of the story and made me laugh my butt off. I even read a passage to my partner and he busted a gut laughing. So I had to knock a star for that.

Overall, it's a cute read, a fun time, just not my personal favorite.