Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Order (Netflix) - TV Talk

I actually had no idea this was coming to Netflix. I was just flipping through one day when my daughter was in school and my partner was at work. It looked cool, it had witches and werewolves and the look of romance and so I clicked on it. Boy, am I so damn glad I did!

This show is freaking amazing! I've not been this into a TV show since The Haunting of Hill House! I don't really get into TV or movies the way I do books so it's rare when I watch something that just sucks me in. The Order is one of those shows!

So The Order starts with Jack Morton getting into Belgrave University with a plan to get into the secret society that his father rules. Why? Well, he wants revenge for the death of his mother. Things don't go as smoothly as one would think, with a hot girl and werewolves entering the picture, everything gets messy fast. Leading to so many wonderful episodes. 

There was one moment that had me blinking twice and just confused as to why that needed to happen the way it did. It really felt drawn out and needless, like filler in an anime. But it was just the one moment with Edward and a guy from the Vade Maecum but besides for that moment, this show is solid and entertaining and just freaking awesome.

The actors are really good, I liked all of them and thought they did a great job. I love the look of the show, the sets were great, the special effects were top notch and the script is good. It's really made for the 'young adult' audience. So, this show is right up our alley!

It's also been compared to Riverdale and Sabrina, so if you like those shows, this one is another that you'll enjoy. I don't like Riverdale anymore but I still love The Order. So if you have access to Netflix, check this out! You'll thank me later.