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Unpopular Opinions

It's been years since I did this. Like way back in August 2015. So I decided to do an updated version just to see how my thoughts have changed. Now, before we get into this, I have to say this, just because I may not like something doesn't make me a bad person, just because you don't like something also doesn't make you a bad person. We are all our own people, with our own thoughts. 

With all that said and done, let's get into the questions!

1) A Popular Book/Series That You Didn't Like

I still feel like I got a different book from everyone else. It really felt like a 'been there done that' kind of book. The characters were really bland and now that more time has past, I don't see why this series got so popular.

Original Review

2) A Popular Book/Series That Every One Else Seems to Hate but You Love

If you were involved in the YA book community around the time the ARC for this one was going around, you know some people were losing their mind over one review that was written. This book is HATED by people who've never even read it.

I read it. Thought it was a little heavy handed with its message but I loved it. A great book, anyone who loves YA fantasy with a strong message should read this book.

Original Review

3) A Love Triangle Where the Main Character Ended Up with the Person You Did NOT Want Them to End Up with OR an OTP That You Don't Like

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Skip to the next question if you don't want to be spoiled for this series.

Okay... so. If you've read this series you'll know what I mean, she got to have her cake and eat it too. She got to spend her mortal like for Jeb and then get to be young forever with Morpheus. It's really not fair to Jeb nor was he even worth it. She should've just chosen Morpheus and all would have been better. Just saying.

4) A Popular Book Genre That You Hardly Reach For

Memoirs. I've only ever read a handful of memoirs and I really, really, REALLY, want to change that. So hopefully this year I will read at least a dozen memoirs. That is my goal. If you have any recommendations, leave them below, please!

5) A Popular or Beloved Character That You Do Not Like

I could name quite a few but I will just name three:
A) Hermione Granger
Before you burn me at the stake, let me explain myself. Hermione has a lot of characteristics that I love. She's smart, confident, brave and so on. That being said, she's so freaking annoying in the early books, a know it all brat that I wished she'd fall off the face of the earth.
B) Alina Starkov
This could've easily been Mal but I got more of a bone to pick with Alina because of how she lets everyone treat her, especially in Shadow and Bone. She just pretty much goes along with whatever anyone says and it's sad. Get a backbone chick, stand up for yourself. Use your freaking voice! Say what you want about the Darkling but at least he was a very well developed character that wasn't scared to speak up.
C) Tamin - A Court of Thorns and Roses
I don't want to ruin this series if you've never read it (If you're not read it, what are you doing with your life? No really, what are you doing? Stop reading this, get the book and dive in, you'll thank me later), that being said, once you get to the second book especially, you'll see what I mean.

6) A Popular Author That You Can't Seem to Get Into

Please don't kill me for this, I mean no disrespect but I just can't get into James Patterson. If he's your favorite author, that's great, you do you. I don't like his writing or the way he does his chapters. Honestly, I just think he's kind of overrated.

7) A Popular Book Trope That You're Tired of Seeing

This is one that hasn't changed from the first time I did this. Insta-love. I still can't stand it. This trope can ruin a book for me. There's not a single other trope I can think of that can do this but insta-love just makes me roll my eyes and put the book down. You can't fall in love at first sight, you can feel lust or attraction, for sure, but not love. How can you love someone just based on looks? You know nothing about them. It makes no sense and I want this trope to die.

8) A Popular Series That You Have No Interest in Reading

This series was everywhere a few years back and I've seen it coming back now that another novel has been released but it still just doesn't sound good to me.

9) The Saying Goes 'The Book's Always Better than the Movie', but What Movie or TV Show Adaptation Do You Prefer More than the Book?

This one is easy for me and if you've been reading my recent reviews you'll already know what I'm going to chose.

Original Review
The main plot is never settled in this novel, the cliff hanger really made me upset. Subplots are all wrapped up nicely but I just didn't like the ending of this novel. I'm sorry. I liked the writing, the characters and pretty much everything else but that cliff hanger... I will not be picking up the second in this series.

That being said, the Netflix movie is just freaking perfection! I loved the cast, the story, the script. Just everything is perfect and I wish they'd bring it to DVD so I could own it on my shelf. I've watched this movie at least 8-9 times and now I want to watch it again after talking about it. If you've got Netflix, then you need to watch this! It's so good.

Well, this is pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my choices. As always, have a great day little butterflies and happy reading. I'm off to watch To All the Boys I've Loved Before, again.... 

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