Sunday, April 28, 2019

Blog Update

It's been over two years since I did an update post. The last one was when I was trying to get 50/50 Friday off the ground and Laura from Blue Eye Books was so freaking sweet and decided to co-host with me. The meme would not be here without her. I am terrible at coming up with topics, completely terrible! But moving on, 50/50 Friday is not why I'm writing this. 50/50 Friday is going nowhere. I love this meme and will continue it as long as possible.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been messing with my blog a lot. I got tired of the blue and black and even though I love the color black, I wanted something different, something more colorful. So pink and white it is. I've been working on trying new formats and coming up with new post ideas. I also finally bit the bullet and bought my own domain, thebutterflyreader (DOT) com. You can still use my old blogspot if that's what you're used to, it will redirect. Now while all this is going on, I do hope that you'll look over any 404 errors you get as I'm working through any bugs and kinks.

Last week was my birthday (4/25) so I'm now another year older and not any wiser. Sadly.

Next, I want to move into writing. I've been writing more lately and wanted to start sharing some of that. Most of what I write is the kind of stuff I read. So if you're into that then check out my Wattpad. Right now I only have a horror short story that my partner wanted me to write but I am planning to release something in the month of May! So stay tuned! If you want to read the horror short story then check it out below.

I'm also in the query trenches for a novel I wrote last year and have edited so heavily it's not even funny. Crossing my fingers that something good comes from it. There are a few things going on that I can't share yet but I will in the future. So for now, that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading this. I hope you all have a great Sunday!