Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Netflix Book Tag

I've been seeing this floating around on different blogs and I finally cracked and decided to do it on my own because it looked fun! Plus, I love Netflix, so it fits. Let's just jump into this! 

1) Recently Watched
The last book you finished reading

This is number eight in a long running series, I'm slowly working my way through it and loving every single second of it. If you're looking for a great diverse adult paranormal romance, than this is for you! 

2) Top Picks
A book that has been recommended to you based on books you've previously read

I don't get recommend books a lot and if I do, they are usually ones that I have no interest in reading but Wren from For The Love Of Books (check out their blog if you haven't. They review a lot of great stuff. Love you Wren!) told me about Nevermore and I knew it was going to be good because we have similar tastes. They were not wrong! It's freaking great! 


3) Recently Added
The last book you bought

I've not bought a lot of books recently.... really I've been selling a lot of them over the last year for money reasons, so now I'm slowly rebuying the ones I sold well over a year ago. I got this one for only $2 at HPB.


4) Popular on Netflix
Books that everyone knows about (2 you've read and 2 you have no interest in reading)

Well, this is pretty easy two that I've read: Throne of Glass and Harry Potter. Two I have no interest in reading... this one is a little harder.  I would say On the Come Up and the Dark Artifices series. I'm just over the whole Shadowhunter stuff. I mean it's just the same old at this point... 


5) Comedies
A funny book

I don't read a lot of funny books... or really any at all. My partner would tell you it's because I have no sense of humor but I'm just not that into comedy. There is one that I got in an OwlCrate box years that I will share.


6) Dramas
A character who is a drama queen/king

Lola from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen sure fits the bill here!


7) Animated
A book with cartoons on the cover

I still need to read this series, maybe I will get around to it if I can ever buy them again because surprisingly, my local library doesn't carry them. 


8) Watch It Again
A book/book series that you want to re-read

I've been planning a reread of this series before I finally finish it so it fits perfectly here!


9) Documentaries
A non-fiction book you'd recommend to everyone

I don't really read a lot of non-fiction that isn't related to Paganism, witchcraft or the like and I'd never recommend those to everyone so... next question!

10. Action and Adventure
An action packed book

This one is super easy. This book is full of action and it only ramps up in the rest of the series!


11. New Releases
A book that just came out or will be coming out soon that you can't wait to read

There are so freaking many! How am I to choose just one?! Seriously how?! I can choose one that just came out because it's still sitting on my bookshelf...


I'm not going to tag anyone because I don't know who's done this or who doesn't want to do this. If you want to do it, then I tag you! If you go this tag, leave your link below because I'd love to see your answers. Well, that's it for this one. I hope you have a great day and happy reading!