Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday's Discussion - Long Book Series

Why Long Book Series Are Better

Everyone has different opinions, we are all unique with different likes and dislikes. This is not meant to offend or put down anyone's taste. If you prefer a good standalone or shorter series, that's totally fine and dandy! This is just my personal preference. Let's get to it!

Character Development Matters
I'm a huge character driven reader. I care more about characters than anything else. I can have amazing fleshed out characters and kind of meh world building and still enjoy the book so freaking much. So with a longer series, I get to spend more time with these characters that I have fallen in love with and never want to part form.

I'm Not Good at Saying Goodbye
I am so bad when it comes to saying goodbye to a series that I love. Take Twilight for example, back when I was first reading that series in 2008, I actually stopped reading a few chapters from the end because I couldn't handle saying goodbye. It was YEARS later when I finally read the very end. With longer series, I can get more and not have to worry about that awful goodbye.

World Building - The Bigger the Better
Well, the world doesn't have to be huge but more details can be added. So, yes, I did say that characters matter most to me but with more books means a richer world, a world so vivid that it feels like it's real. Like Harry Potter, that world is so amazingly detailed that to this day, people still fawn over it.

Anticipation - The Christmas Morning Effect 
Unless you're a George R. R. Martin fan, you can look forward to having a new book every year. Nothing beats that feeling of finally waiting soooo long for the next book in your favorite series and then finally holding it in your hands. NOTHING!