Tuesday, May 21, 2019

(A Very Late) - April Wrap Up!

April was crazy and I didn't get to read as much as I wanted but between battling colds, allergies, chest pain, some of the best news of my life, my birthday, and just all kinds of crazy stuff.... I think nine books is pretty dang good. Now, let's talk about those books, shall we?


Again, but Better
This one... it's really hyped and most everyone loves it but... well, it you want to know, just read my review. 

Journeying Between the Worlds: Walking with the Sacred Spirits Through Native American Shamanic Teachings & Practices
I loved reading this. Any time I can learn more about Native teaching, the better. 

Jaws of the Wolf
Not bad by any means but I wanted more romance. 

Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump
(Review Coming Soon!)
This one talks about all this political stuff from a more... center kind of view. It really told me nothing that I didn't know but I do like how it talks about the extreme left and right. Though while it talks more about the extreme left... it denounces the extreme right more. I don't want anyone attacking me so I will say that I don't agree with everything the author says and will leave it at that. 


The Warlord's Concubine: A Fantasy Romance
I don't even want to talk about this one anymore. I talked a little about in a past 50/50 Friday and I will link to my Goodreads review because I didn't want to review it on here. 


Captive Prince Volume 2
I love this series so much and I wanted to reread this one. 


Now, what is Raythe Reign? It's this website full of of really good m/m romance serials. It's even got some awesome manga! It's not quite a normal site, you pay $9.99 a month and you get something new every single day. A new page of an epic manga or a new chapter to an awesome ongoing story. I found it last month and have been in love with it ever since. I'm not sponsored by them or anything, I just love the service. 

Devil's Ridge
(The Dark Earth Manga #1)
If you're going to read this series, make sure to buy them form her website! Amazon won't even allow one of the novels to be on their site. 

Hidden Past
(The Dark Earth Manga #2)
The series keeps getting better and better!

The Dark Champion
There is no review for this one as this is the novel version of the manga. The novel came first I believe. It just goes into more detail than the novel but it's well worth the read! I love this story so freaking much! 


Punk 57
I really can't gush about this book enough. I couldn't put it down! I loved this baby so freaking that I had to go out and buy the paperback after reading it on Kindle Unlimited.