Tuesday, June 11, 2019

ARC Review - The Scottish Rogue by Heather McCollum

1684, Scottish Highlands

Englishwoman Evelyn Worthington is resolved to build a school for ladies in her brother's newly purchased Scottish castle. But when she arrives, not only does she find the castle scorched by fire, but a brawny Highlander bars her entry.

Clan chief Grey Campbell would rather die than see his family home, Finlarig Castle, fall into English hands, so Grey must win the battle of wills with the beautiful Sassenach who flashes a bill of sale before him.

When the war between Evelyn and Grey escalates, passions flare. But outsiders have their own plans for Finlarig. After secrets are revealed, and muskets are lit, the fates of the Campbell Clan, the school, and a possible future for Grey and Evelyn are in as much jeopardy as their lives.

Book Breakdown

*Thanks to NetGalley for this title. I read and reviewed this title voluntarily*

A new favorite! I honestly thought this was going to be just another romance novel but this one was really good! I love that the couple didn't get together and break up every five seconds but there was plenty of epic drama to keep the story gripping my interest. I love that it starts fast, no boring parts at all. The writing is wonderful, flows perfectly and is easy to understand. The characters are awesome. I love Evelyn, she's strong, forward thinking, and not about to sit down and let others do all the hard work. She's also very loyal to those she loves. Just a wonderful character! Our hero is just as wonderful! He's a strong leader that's not put off by a strong woman. 

Watching their romance was sizzling! It's so long before they finally get together and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Too engrossed to put the e-reader down. I just had to keep going. Overall, this is such a great historical romance novel. I loved every second of it.