Thursday, June 6, 2019

My Top Ten Favorite Bands/Singers

If you've been around my little corner of the internet for any length of time at all, you'll know that I love music. I often read while listening to music, always have it going in the car and also at home whenever my partner is gone (he hates my music tastes and I don't like his). 

So I've got some favorite bands/singers that I wanted to share. I did this list years go and my taste has changed a lot! This isn't in a certain order as I could never choose that. So let's jump into this! 

Honorable Mentions 

10) Inkubus Sukkubus 
This is a Pagan folk/rock band. I love them because I can relate a lot to what they sing about. 

9) Adrian Von Ziegler
Now this one isn't a singer but the music he makes just sets the tone for whatever you want. He's amazing! If you like classical music, you'll love his stuff.

I love how she plays with different styles and just doesn't stay with one. Plus her voice is amazing.

7) Breaking Benjamin 
These guys are just amazing. I love the voice, the hard rock, the lyrics. I'm never disappointed by this band. NEVER!

6) Linkin Park
I have loved this group since their very first album when I heard the song 'In the End' I will forever miss that we won't get more music for them. Mental health is no joke, get the help you need. We don't need another light going out before it's time.

They only have one album but they are amazing! They sing a lot about Nordic mythology, which just hits home with me. They've also been helping me write my historical fantasy novel.

6) Celtic Woman
This group has some amazing singers and I just feel at home when I listen to them.

5) Her Despair
This is a new goth group and I'm loving what they put out. I'm not the biggest fan of the older original goth music... I know that would totally get me into lots of trouble with goths but I like what I like.

4) Icon for Hire
This group is one that does not get the love they deserve! They are fantastic! They also have a strong feminist touch if you're into that.

3) The Awakening
This is my favorite goth band right now. They are freaking amazing! Dark romantic lyrics, a voice that will make you swoon. Ugh, just perfection.

2) Lady Gaga
I've loved her from the beginning. She's amazing, talented, and just puts out awesome music. I can't wait to see what she does next!

I never get sick of their music. NEVER! It's been a staple in my writing playlist since I found them. I really don't know how I went without them so long.

Tell me below who your favorite musical act is. Do you like any that I've listed? Have a great day and happy reading!