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Friday, August 23, 2019

50/50 Friday - Favorite/Least Favorite Book City

What is 50/50 Friday?
Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. I'll have a new topic every Friday. If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let me know!

Topic for the Week
Favorite/Least Favorite Book City

Favorite City 
Velaris - A Court of Thorns and Roses
It sounds utterly beautiful and since I'm a night owl, this city sounds like heaven. 
Not my photo. Wish I could color this well!

Least Favorite City 
Kings Landing - Game of Thrones 
No good ruler sat on the throne and it's a place that's always under siege. I'll pass thanks. 

Topic for Next Week
Favorite/ Least Favorite Abstract Cover
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  1. I'm going to have to read ACOTAR one of these days.. :)

  2. I'm not familiar with either of those book cities. I know it's crazy but I never got into Game of Thrones. lol

    1. Be happy you didn't! With the way it ended.... ugh, wish I'd never let my partner rope me in.

    2. I saw a lot of people grumbling about the ending on Twitter when it happened.

    3. And I don't blame them. It was such a let down.

  3. I love books that use a city as one of the characters. Sara Paretsky has written (and is still writing) a series featuring V I, a female private investigator who champions people who are victims of the city's worst practices and wins every time. I have read all her books and they are like a history of Chicago from the late 20th century until the present.

    1. Yes I love that too! It really just grabs me into the story so much more.