Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward - Review

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing more than Wrath, the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

The only purebred vampire left on earth, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But, when one of his most trusted fighters is killed-leaving his half-breed daughter unaware of his existence or her fate-Wrath must usher her into the world of the undead-a world of sensuality beyond her wildest dreams.

Book Breakdown

At this point there's not much I can add for this book is so well known and most everyone has read it. I'm very slow to the party, I know but at least I got here! 

This is the story of Wrath and Beth. I loved reading about Wrath step it up and become how he was born to be. I love that Beth made him want to do that. I also really enjoyed how Beth did not take any crap from Wrath, she stayed true to how she was and that's how I love my strong females. 

The writing is wonderful, not going to lie, the stuff with Mr. X wasn't the most interesting but I loved every other POV shift we got. I can't wait to read the next one and see all the changes to the Brotherhood and how well Tor does running it. 

The vampire lure is one I've never come across yet so that is always awesome. I'm a vampire whore, I love anything to do with bloodsuckers, even if most of the world has moved on from them after Twilight. I loved them long before Twilight and still love them now. I honestly don't know how I feel about them still being able to die in this series... I mean it's not a deal-breaker but it's just something I'm not used to. It will grow on me, I'm sure.