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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

August Wrap Up! 25 Books!

I read 25 books in August! That's the most I read in any month all year! I was really in the groove this month. I read some awesome books and some that were just okay. That's just get into this! 


I love L<3DK so much! It's a great series and can't wait for more of it to be translated! I will not be continuing Everyone's Getting Married because it's really grab my attention enough. It was okay but nothing to write home about.


An m/m paranormal romance. Side note: It you know of any good lesbian romances let me know. They are harder for me to find and I would like a good one.

So Lucas really needs a job, when a building he's never seen before appears and a voice tell him to "find the wolf" he goes inside. His life will never be the same.

Ugh I love this! What a great way to start off with what seems to be an interesting story.






That's all she wrote! Have you read any of these? What did you think? Let me know below and have a great reading month!


  1. Wow, you did great. I didn't read nearly that many but I am at 90 books for the year.

  2. I am SO jealous of how many books you read last month. I've been in such a horrible reading rut this year it makes me sad. :(
    When I saw you got Nancy Drew it took me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I loved those books and games. I'm sort of excited for the new show that's coming out as well. :)

    1. I've been playing the Shadows at Water's Edge and I love it to pieces. It made me want to read the books as well. I didn't know there was a show coming out!!! I need to look this up!

  3. Brian Froud!! You put us all to shame this month, Carrie. Congrats!!