Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shadows Among Us - Review

Evil is closer than you think. 

Psychologist, Mollie Roark, had it all. A hotshot husband, a beautiful daughter, a successful career, and a fancy house on the Napa hillside. She'd finally made it. Left her troubled past and her crazy father far behind her.

But then, the unspeakable happened. Her daughter's burned body turned up on the shores of Lake Berryessa just days after her fifteenth birthday. The police seem certain Dakota fell victim to the Shadow Man, the prolific serial killer who had terrorized the Napa Valley for two decades. Mollie's normal life is now anything but. Childless, divorced, and unemployed, she's barely staying afloat. She's got one mission. To find the scumbag who killed her daughter and make him pay.

When a mysterious old man shows up at her door seeking absolution and promising answers, it's impossible to resist. But the deeper she goes inside his mind, the shakier her sanity becomes. Everyone is a suspect. No one is innocent. Because Mollie knows evil may be as close as her own shadow.

Book Breakdown

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. It will in no way impact my thoughts.

Every time I need something this author pops up with a new book. I've been in the mood for creepy reads and then I get an email for this! I swear I think Ellery Kane can read my mind.

I've been following this author pretty much from the beginning and let me tell you, this is her best work! She improves so much every book that I'm always blown away and this one is no exception! 

Mollie is so strong. I mean even after all she's been through she keeps going. I'd have lost my mind by that point. I would've totally fallen apart. So the characters are epic and flushed out as usual and that ending! No spoilers I swear but that ending was exactly what was needed for this story. The writing flows smoothly, no boring parts and the tension in some areas is palpable and delicious. 

Bottom line, perfection!