Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Fallen Kingdom - A Very Late Mini Review


She’s on borrowed time…and she has only one chance to set things right.

Find life.

Deep in a forest, Aileana Kameron claws her way out of the earth. Back from the dead with no memory of who she is or what has happened to her, the Falconer now possesses even greater otherworldly powers and a ruthless instinct to kill—and the one piece of knowledge that can change everything.

Find Kiaran.

Two fae monarchs, Aithinne and Kadamach, stand on the brink of war, and according to an ancient curse, one must die at the hand of the other or all the worlds will perish. Once, Kadamach was known as Kiaran, and he was mentor, protector, and lover to Aileana. Now, under the grip of the curse, his better nature seems lost forever.

Find the book.

Aileana’s only hope lies in the legendary Book of Remembrance, a book of spells so powerful that it can break the fae curse and even turn back time. But the book has been lost for centuries, and many are looking for it, including its creator, the Morrigan—a faery of terrifying malevolence and cruelty.

Sacrifice everything.

To obtain the book and defeat the Morrigan, Aileana must form an unthinkable alliance, one that challenges every vow she has made to herself—even as the powers that brought her to life are slowly but surely killing her.

My Thoughts

I was given this book by NetGalley years ago and then I lost that copy and ended up buying one when I saw it was only $.99 on Kindle. I just wanted to be transparent with you.

Now, let me start off by saying... what in the world was I thinking?! I waited far too long before finishing this series. I originally stopped because there wasn't enough romance but I read some reviews when cleaning up my NetGalley that said the romance really increased throughout the series and it did!

The writing is great. The world is super cool! I mean, steampunk!!!! We don't get a lot of that. At least I don't find a lot of it and when I do it's usually stuff that just doesn't appeal to me. This is a little hidden gem that more people need to find and read because it's so good! The MC is kickass! A girl you can root for. I mean, what more could one want?