Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Books I'm Thankful For - Top Ten Tuesday

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We all our favorites books that we are just so thankful for. Ones that we just couldn't imagine not having on our shelves or E-Reader. Well, here is some of the books that I'm thankful are on my shelves.

I'm thankful for this book for a lot of reasons! Not only is it one of my top three favorites books it's also the reason I blog today. I had no idea that book blogging was a thing till I read this book. So this books means the world to me.

I'm thankful for this book because it opened me up to one of my favorite authors Elle Kennedy! She writes some of the best NA romance and this book is just amazing.

This series is one that's far fetched but entertaining as heck! I found these during a time in my life that I needed a break from the crap around me. These gave me that for sure! So I'm thankful that provided me a chance to escape.

This book made me a reader. This was the first ever book in school that I read that I just couldn't put down and ended up finishing all in one night. It blew my 5th grade mind that a book could be this freaking awesome!

On the same note as the The Giver, Vampire Knight was the first manga I ever read. I was into vampires at the time -well to be fair, I'm never not into vampires- and saw this on the shelf in a Waldenbooks and just had to have it! I've been reading manga ever sense.

Before Twilight's love triangle there was the OG vampire tiro. This book was the first vampire book I ever read and I've never looked back. I often wonder what my reading tastes would be without this one.

I found this series long after it had finished but it was the series that I read to my little sister when we were young in the dark... after our electricity had been turned off. Sounds rather sad but even though our family was going through a rough patch... my sister and I bonded and she became my best friend for quite a few years after that. So I'm thankful for that.

Well that's all for today! What books are you thankful for? Let me know below!