Sunday, November 24, 2019

Essential Oils for Beginners - Book Breakdown

This approachable guide makes it easy to achieve vibrant health and wellness through the use of twenty essential oils specifically chosen for their versatility and practicality. Author Kac Young shows you how these oils can be made into cleaning products, massage oils, aromatics, aphrodisiacs, magical formulas, and more.

Discover the many ways essential oils can be used for personal empowerment and wellbeing, like lavender for stress relief or peppermint for pain relief. Designed to help you enjoy essential oils throughout your life, this impressive book provides profiles for each oil, application and safety guidelines, diffusing and pairing insights, recipes, and more. A must-have resource for both beginners and experienced practitioners, Essential Oils for Beginners enhances your spirituality, happiness, beauty, and fortitude.

Book Breakdown 

I've been getting into Essential Oils since my daughter's speech therapist told me about them. She said she used them to help keep her kiddos from getting sick during the winter. Since my daughter gets a cold every single month of the school year, I jumped onto it. What did I have to lose? So when I saw this on NetGalley, I snagged it!

This book is idiot-proof. It has the history of essential oils. What part of the plant that the 'oils' come from. Safety and how to use. It talks about carrier oils and even has a nice little chart on how to dilute if you're going to use it on your skin. It also goes over 20 essential oil and tells you everything you could ever want to know about them.

It's well written and so easy to understand that I loved it so much. Really, it's perfect for a newbie like me. Now if only I could find a way for it to actually keep my daughter from catching so many colds...