Wednesday, November 20, 2019

My Big Fat Fake Wedding - Book Breakdown

He needs a wife.
I need a husband.
It’s just temporary… what could go wrong?

I’ve always wanted the fairy tale wedding. Not for the princess perfect dress or big party, but for Papa.

My grandfather. The only father figure I’ve ever known.
It’s his dying wish to walk me down the aisle.
Gee, no pressure.

But I can grant that wish...
I just have to fake being head over heels in love with Ross Andrews, my best friend's big brother whom I embarrassingly crushed on all through high school.

I know it’s a terrible idea, and we’re both in over our heads.
It could be the wedding of a lifetime or a total disaster.
How do we make it to the altar without killing each other first? Or without falling in love for real?

Book Breakdown

Violet just wants to get married before her grandfather's heart gives out so he can walk her down the aisle and be happy. She wants to make his last days as happy as possible but the man she's currently seeing dumps her and leaves her wondering what she's going to do. She never loved him but still wants papa to see her happy.

Ross is a huge playboy and his father has had enough when something bad for the company ends up in the papers. He tells his son to settle down. So he's in the market for a fake girlfriend so he can ride this until everything blows over.

So with a little help, these two decide to use each other for their plans. They didn't think it would end with a lot of drama and tears at the wedding. But at the end of the day love conquers all.

The writing is perfectly fine. It flowed pretty fast, there were a few hang ups but nothing that ruins the story at all! The characters are too funny and I loved watching them come together. I didn't like the fart stuff because that's just nasty but thankfully it's only a wee bit of the book. Really a tiny spot but it's still gross and I didn't like it.

Other than that this was a good romance book that had me laughing out loud for most of it.